Entrepreneurial spirit: sincerity and trust, innovation and innovation, integrity and new

Integrity as the foundation of the company, and the company's various related to build a harmonious, harmonious work and employment and common development of the social environment;

With continuous innovation as the driving force of the enterprise, down-to-earth and conscientiousness, we will provide high-quality new products and services to the society.

Corporate Mission: Home Watcher

Provide safe, reliable, convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly products for every family

Let every family feel at ease and peace of mind

Corporate vision: to become a trustworthy and respectful company

Earnestly implement laws, regulations and ethics, integrity management, integrity, taxation, integrity and law-abiding, actively support the society, and contribute to the society

Regarding the integrity of employees, paying attention to each employee's “clothing, food, housing and transportation”, planning and meeting the expectations and needs of employees for the future, so that every “rich new person” is proud and proud.

Core values ​​of the company: Focus on customers, win-win cooperation, struggle to share

Cooperate with suppliers and customers to achieve win-win cooperation;

Get along with the community and the community;

Within the company, we advocate creating a harmonious corporate environment and cultural atmosphere for our employees.