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Multi-text is rich, birthday is new

"Book of Rites": "Do not pray for more, more words think rich."

"Yi Chuan": "The rich is called the great cause, the new is called Shengde, and the life is easy.

In the past, multi-textuality is the basic concept of Chinese Confucian self-cultivation. Today, “multi-textual wealth can represent the basic concepts of enterprises and entrepreneurs in a deeper level, that is, on the basis of honesty and benevolence. Rich in knowledge, learning, technology accumulation and advancement, and through continuous variability and innovation,

And the endless life, to reach the realm of "the new world is called Shengde".

If you don’t constantly innovate, you can’t really “rich” and you can’t “live”. So multi-cultural is rich, and the real meaning of a new birthday is one--throwing wealth and looking at wealth. Shengde, which accumulates, reflects, and innovates, keeps the mutated and new, and gains excellent corporate quality while harvesting wealth.