Tongju Fuxin win-win future | 2019 Hebei dealer conference ended successfully

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

On March 23rd, the theme was “Working hand in hand to create a win-win situation”. The 2019 Fuxin Door Industry Hebei Dealer Annual Meeting was successfully held. More than 150 outstanding dealer representatives from Hebei Province gathered together to discuss the future development and cooperation. A deeper level of cooperation and mutual benefit.


Wonderful meeting

At 13:30 on the same day, the meeting officially kicked off. The theme of "Working hand in hand, creating a win-win situation" means that Fuxin and everyone continue to work hand in hand to write a brilliant future.


General Secretary's speech

After the host's passionate opening, the young and handsome group company general manager Lou Feixiong came to power in the warm applause.


△General Manager Lou Fei Xiong delivered a speech

He expressed his welcome and gratitude to everyone for coming. He highly praised and thanked everyone for their achievements in the past year. The generous and enthusiastic speech of the General Manager added infinite confidence to everyone.

He also hopes that under the leadership of the company's leaders, with the joint efforts of all employees and dealers, they can unite, work hard, forge ahead, and create a new history and new company for the company to fully accomplish the goals and tasks of 2019. Work hard with brilliance!


Go ahead

After the passionate speech of the building, the head of the marketing department of the group company Ying Yingfu always took the stage in the applause. He shared the secret of sales success with the dealers and introduced the newly developed products of Fuxin Door Industry 2019. . High-quality products have won unanimous praise and welcome from everyone.


△Mr. Ying

Subsequently, Li Dongwei, general manager of Hebei Fuxin Office, took the stage in a warm atmosphere. He first led everyone to review the sales situation in 2018 and made a clear and clear plan for the development of Fuxin in Hebei market. The 2019 work focus and breakthrough direction he shared made the dealers present more confident in the future of Fuxin.


△Li Dongwei, General Manager of Hebei Fuxin Office


Passion award

Of course, a very important part of the conference is the commendation of outstanding dealers. In 2018, Fuxin also emerged a group of outstanding dealer representatives. After the careful selection, Fuxin Door Industry presented the outstanding distributor awards at the conference. Fully affirmed the dealer's achievements, and hope that the dealer does not forget the initial heart, struggle forward! When the award speech was delivered, the award-winning dealers said that they will continue to make great efforts in 2019 and create greater glories!

Fuxin's success is inseparable from the efforts and support of every customer. We sincerely thank each partner for this new door! The commendation session is not only an affirmation of the dealer partners, but also affirmation and encouragement to all dealer partners present, which also pushed the conference to the final climax!



△Excellent distributor and third prize of 2018


△Excellent distributor and second prize in 2018


△Excellent distributor and first prize of 2018

Wonderful lecture

At the dealers' annual meeting, Fuxin also invited Mr. Tao Ping, who has 15 years of practical experience in the door industry, to train the dealers to win the terminal. The dealers were attracted by the vivid and interesting lectures of Tao Ping, and they nodded while listening.



△Teacher Tao Ping


Perfect closing

The time of gathering is always so short, and the dealer conference has come to an end in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. In the annual meeting of the entire dealers, all of them are assisting training and rewards for dealers. It is better to teach people to fish than to fish, which reflects the fact that Fuxin Group is based on the growth and profitability of terminal dealers. Self-interested marketing concept.

In 2019, Fuxin will continue to work hand in hand with dealers, and is committed to providing users with better products, and will not forget their original intentions.