2019 Fuxin Door Industry passed the quality certification of “Product” in Zhejiang

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00


Fuxin Taifeng Door Industry Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” certification issued by Zhejiang Manufacturing International Certification Alliance, which indicates that Fuxin Taifeng Door Industry Co., Ltd. has obtained the authority of scientific and technological innovation, product quality and enterprise management. Consistently highly affirmative.

As a synonym for high-end manufacturing and quality, “Zhejiang Manufacturing” is the nation's first regional public brand created in Zhejiang Province. It is also a regional public brand that reflects and comprehensively reflects the image of Zhejiang enterprises and products.

Enterprises using the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" logo must pass the high standard of enterprise and product certification. The certification enterprise must have the four characteristics of "advanced, innovative, driving and responsible" in product and management. The product quality level must be achieved. Domestic first-class, internationally leading, and enterprise management must also have an excellent performance management model.

Xintaifeng Door Industry Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” brand certification, which is a manifestation of the company's comprehensive strength and brand strength.

Fuxin Taifeng Door Industry Co., Ltd., as a long-term practitioner of the anti-theft security door manufacturing industry and a witness to the development of the industry, the company has to be both a technology leader and a strong technical innovation.

In recent years, Fuxin has been ranked among the best in terms of industry scale, output value, product quality, equipment manufacturing capability and product development capability. The company has always practiced the road of rich brand with high standards!

Obtaining the "Made in Zhejiang" certification, this is both an honor and a responsibility! In the future, Fuxin will use the key of “Zhejiang Manufacturing” to continuously enhance its core competitiveness and independent innovation capability, and continuously develop product quality and standard upgrades, further leading the high-quality development of “Zhejiang Manufacturing” and will be rich. To become a benchmark enterprise in Zhejiang manufacturing.